Team Thusha

Team Thusha consists of 15 people from the Trident team at the Metropolitan Police and we all come in various shapes, sizes and ages but all with the same aim, to finish the Three Peaks Challenge in 24 hours. The challenge involves walking up three of the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales as a fund raising event. We do not have a money target for this challenge as Thusha’s care will be on-going throughout her life and she will need constant medical care, attention and specialised equipment.

Our Team                   

The Ladies:
Chrissie Mackie
Linda Phair
Mary Crowley – First Aider
Chris Andreou

The Boys:
Jim Redmond
Gino Amitrano
Toby Carroll
John Codd
Julian Coulson
Dave Gormley
Paul Partridge
Dave Willis
Richard Williamson
Andy Francis Mackie – Our dedicated driver.

Please sponsor us in our quest to help Thusha and her family come to terms with what can only be described as the most devastating news that any parent can ever receive. Thusha will need financial help not only to help her through her childhood but through her teenage years and adulthood. No amount of money will be too small for our cause.

“Her age and the nature of her injuries and the impact this has had on her family really made this different from other cases we’ve dealt with. She is such a brave little girl. She is always smiling and is so positive even though she is in constant pain.”

Detective Inspector Jim Redmond


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